Funny and Useful book on How to Lose Weight - Review

“A chilli a day
Keeps a fat arse at bay”

Jane Wenham-Jones

This is just a quick post for people who like eating as much as I do but who don’t want to pile on the pounds.

I have just, almost inadvertently, read a really good book by Jane Wenham-Jones that tackles this problem!  She writes for “Writing Magazine” to which I subscribe and I have read and enjoyed her “Wannabe a Writer?” so when I saw “100 Ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate” available on Kindle I thought I’d have a look, seeing as how I am a little heavier than I’d like to be.

Jane Wenham-Jones' writing style is easy and informal as if I was having a chat with a friend and it is also very jokey and fun but what she says is realistic, reassuring and actually very useful and, here’s the great bit ... since reading “100 Ways ...” and selecting which of the hundred ways I fancied (which isn’t difficult as many of them are very attractive) I have lost 4lb (which is 1.814 kg or about 7 cups for American readers!) in a couple of weeks!

No.1 in the "100 ways..." is Eat Chocolate, No. 2 is to cut out butter and quit drinking which happily is then immediately stated to be a joke! No 12 is the recommendation with which I started this post concerning chillies. The things is they are all seriously useful suggestions once you read on.

There is a loads more to the book than the aforementioned “100 ways ...” including chapters on dressing to look slim, losing weight fast, exercise (sorry about that), attitude and even a few recipes and a poem!  There is also an associated blog which might be of interest.

This is a light hearted, downright funny, interesting and useful book so there you have it,  I recommend ...

by Jane Wenham-Jones

Lovely solstice sunset last night!

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