A Suggestion/Offer/Request Kind of Thing!

I was wondering if you could do me a favour in a kind of “you scratch my back .... etc" way!  I have just published another ebook in my Genius Recipes series and would be grateful if you would have a look at it and then review on Amazon and perhaps Goodreads   for me. 

It is now available on Amazon here but if you would like a review copy in PDF then please just click here and I’ll send you a link. Once you've received it you could even convert it for your kindle here   , now I can’t say fairer than that, can I? This is a “time sensitive offer” only open till 100-ish people sign up, so go for it  - now!

This started out being just my scone recipe, some guidelines on how to make great scones plus a few recipes but it grew and flourished into all sorts of ways to use the same dough. I've had a helluva time testing them, I can tell you; day after day eating rock cakes and maple syrup dumplings, chocolate filled doughnuts and cobblers, tarts, turnovers, tatins etc.

As I have said before and will no doubt say again reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are the lifeblood of us indie writers. Having said that I am as guilty as anyone of not bothering to review (in fact I am off right now to review Marcus Bawdon’ Smoky & the Wood Pit: 20 Totally Awesome Smoky Recipes”  but please do as I say and not as I have been prone to doing!

In other news ...

~   Still good weather, at least it is here in Cornwall, so we went blackberrying yesterday. It is, of course, important in Cornwall to get your blackberries in early before the Devil has spat on them. Nevertheless, we are going to risk it and pick some more next week because these berries seem to be very confused; some black, some red and some still green so there should be plenty more.

And, of course, if you haven't already done so please download your Free eBook "219 Cooking Tips & Techniques"  which includes link for "Easy Ways to Pimp your Food" (also free!).

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