Just a Quickie ~ thanks to Ronald Regan!

Today is the first day of National Ice Cream Month in the States and the third Sunday of July (19th) is National Ice Cream Day so will be doubly wonderful on the other side of the pond.

Apparently it was President Ronald Regan who designated this month and day to be so important – how marvellous that he found time to do so amongst all his other chores!  

Ronald Reagan Ice Cream Month

But that’s not all.

Today is also Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day, I don’t know which president decided this one but good on him because it’s very timely, I have just managed to get my genius recipe no churn ice cream book published as a paperback and it just happens to include this chapter ...
svoury no-churn ice creams

It took me ages to get everything right for printing and the paperback is £11.99 but the ebook (which is the same) just £1.99, about the price of a cheap carton of ice cream and so much less than an ice cream machine – just saying!

It’s very hot here in Cornwall today, as I type, and I understand the rest of the country is headed for a heatwave although our weather forecast says it will be 20º and rainy for the rest of the week here (not that I necessarily believe them – in fact next go round I might be a weather person, it seems to be more creative than scientific!) So what a good time for you lot up country to eat ice cream.  Here’s one I ate rapidly for my lunch pudding – as you can see the Black Pepper Ice cream melted very quickly onto the strawberries.  Still luscious though!

no churn black pepper ice cream with strawberries

The recipe for Black Pepper Ice Cream is in my said book but the beauty of a genius recipe is the sheer joy and usefulness of being able to make whatever you fancy once you know why and how it works, for instance a while ago I fancied, as one does ...

Bacon Jam Ice Cream ...

no churn bacon jam ice cream

... which qualifies  as a creative flavo(u)r I think!

So, enjoy the heatwave!

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Sue said...

'Bacon Jam Icecream' .... nope your not selling me on that one!! ;-)