Oops Moments in the Kitchen!

How to Salvage Cooking Disasters and Other Tips

As you know I am dead keen on everyone in the Whole Wide World learning to cook (or at least those who have access to food, I’m afraid that many people have much bigger problems to cope with) and to that end I have written a book of over 500 handy tips containing all the useful information I could think of to help with every aspect of cooking.

Whilst obviously I am not going to reproduce the entire book here I thought it would be useful, as a taster so to speak, to post some ways to salvage a tricky situation in the cooking department.

So – taken directly from ...

cooking tips techniques hacks
Read more about my cooking tips book here ...

... and in no particular order:

Cheese Problems

mouldy cheese tips

Too Salty?

how to remedy an over salted dish

Lumpy Mash?

how to remedy lumpy mashed potato

Dish too Spicy?

too spicy - what to do

Meat Overcooked?

how to remedy overcooked meat

Overdone Rice?

what to do with overcooked rice

Cooked the Veggies Too Long?

how to remedy overcooked vegetables

Sauce Broken?

Instead of being smooth and creamy it is watery with bits of fat floating in it.

how to bring a sauce back together

No Self Raising Flour?

how to make baking powder

Melted Chocolate has gone all strange and lumpy aka has seized?

how to rememdy split melting chocolate

Sadly Sunken Cake?

how to cope with a sunken cake

To read the other 490 or so tips buy the book, it’s only £2.82 for digital and bit more in paperback. The eBook has colour pics but the paperback has nicer fonts – tricky choice, I know!

500+ Truly Useful Cooking Tips & Techniques also contains absolutely essential information, good ideas you should do, things you MUST NOT DO, storage tips, kitchen equipment info, conversion charts and miscellaneous stuff such as how to separate eggs without resorting to the popular plastic bottle “hack”.

I even enclose one or two helpful suggestions from other people in the know, eg. ...

Eltham ordinances

In Other News ...

Nothing I can think of.  I’ve just voted in the referendum, I wonder what will happen next! 

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