How to Make The Easiest, Lushest Chocolate Dessert Ever!

Just a quickie!

I’ve been making (and selling) this for years almost beyond number!

Dark Chocolate Pots – makes 8


500ml double cream
80g soft light brown sugar
250g dark chocolate – coarsely chopped
2 eggs

~   Heat together the cream and sugar stirring till the sugar has dissolved.
~   Bring just to a boil and pour over the chocolate.
~   Whisk (or if you’ve chopped the chocolate in a food processor add the hot cream and re-process) till smooth.
~   Cool a few minutes.
~   Whisk or process in the eggs.
~   Pour into a jug and then into attractive dishes (ramekins, cups or pretty bowls) and chill till cold.

The chocolate pot will set but is still soft and idea for dipping goodies into such as wafers, biccies, fruit or even fingers.

Chocolate Pot Variations …

~   Vanilla – add a drip or two or a little vanilla paste together with the eggs.
~   Finely grated orange zest.
~   Finely chopped stem ginger and just a little of the syrup.
~   A little spirit or liqueur – I’m serious when I say “a little”, just a tablespoon because otherwise the finished chocolate pot will be too runny.
~   Add a little chilli syrup, recipe here, or use Lindt’s Excellence Chilli Dark Chocolate.
~   Melt a teaspoonful of coffee granules in with the cream and sugar.
~   Put a little something in the bottom of the dish (salted caramel sauce, raspberries, um … alcohol soaked fruit, etc) before pouring in the chocolate.
~   Add a topping but nothing too sweet or rich as that would be over doing it. Grated chocolate would be good or chopped toasted nuts, for instance.
~   Your go – let me know of any good ideas you have.

Chocolate pots are a lovely Christmas dessert as you can prepare them a day or two in advance and, as I said, it is so easy. 

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