Why would you eat Pancakes? (and other questions)

Recently I have been spending some time on Quora, I don’t intend to but it’s addictive.

I joined Quora to research things and to maybe sometimes answer questions. When I signed up I said I could answer questions on food, cooking, recipes, leftovers, ice cream and the British Virgin Islands. Now I can’t leave it alone, mainly because of the utterly weird and delightful questions people ask.

But before we get into the funny stuff I recently answered this question …

Why would you eat pancakes?

Well apart from the fact that, made properly, they are delicious, here are 7 good reasons …

1.   Quick and Easy – that’s two points really. It takes literally a minute or two to whisk up the batter and only a few minutes to cook a batch.

2.   Cheap - probably 40p-60p per batch depending on which pancakes you make.


3.   Super Flexible – sweet, savoury, thick, thin etc. See How to Make All Sorts of Pancakes for Pancake Day for how to make crèpes, gluten free galettes, thick fluffy American style pancakes and how to use different liquids, fillings etc. 


4.  Pancakes are (almost) infinitely variable lots of topping ideas for pancakes here.


5.   You can use all sorts of leftovers in pancakes. Shrove Tuesday was/is the day when all the goodies in the pantry, such as eggs, were eaten up before fasting for Lent. Read more about Shrove Tuesday and Pancake Day here.  Pancakes were a great way of using up all the leftovers – and they still are. You can add pretty well anything you like and if they won’t actually form part of the pancake then add as a filling – as I did with these Scallop and Leek pancakes

6.   Suitable, in various forms, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and side dishes.

7.   You can even make a cake out of pancakes

So, that was my answer, someone else put …

Simply because it will annoy, upset, and anger members of the International Coalition of Anonymous People Who Judge Others’ Choices.

This answer went on, quite amusingly, at some length but must have angered some members of the aforementioned coalition; it was removed by the administrators!

Other questions that have been asked on Quora ...

What if any person's shoes you touched turned to cheese, would you eat those shoes?

Did Jesus like bananas?

And ...

Is it unethical to eat vegetables when they are unripe? I mean as in being below the age of vegetable-puberty. What if the vegetable really wants to be eaten?

I also enjoy the excellent answers sometimes given, for instance to this question ...

Can I eat banana in the morning?

To which someone replied …

This might come as a surprise but in fact you eat anything you want in the morning. It's really possible, try it. Just as long as you believe in yourself, you'll be able to do it! Don't give up, keep working to get that banana down your throat!

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