Great Ideas for Easy, Stress-Free Christmas Cooking!

Over the few years I have been writing this blog I have posted all sorts of ideas on how to make catering for Christmas quicker, easier and tastier so I thought it might help if I collected all these links together in one place to help the cooks among us enjoy the festivities as much as everyone else. 

So, here are quick links to all my Christmas food ideas …

Christmas Dinner Side Dishes the Easy Way!

This post gives lots of ideas for side dishes that can be prepared in advance together with a useful timetable to get everything on the table at the same time.


How to Cook your Turkey the Day Before ~ Perfectly!

This post concerns both the turkey and the gravy.


Why Roasting your Veg for Christmas Dinner is Such a Good Idea!

Roasting vegetables ...

~ Makes them crisp and crunchy,
~ Caramelises their juice in a wonderful way,
~ Intensifies their flavour,
~ Can be seasoned with whatever you fancy – garlic or spice or whatever,
~ Brightens their colours for a fab looking meal,
~ Can be cooked alongside the meat so don’t need much last minute attention.


Scrumptious Christmas Recipes using Mincemeat

Mincemeat is not just for pies you know!


6 Easy No-Churn Christmas Ice Cream Recipes ~ for a refreshing change!

Among all the rich, heavy, wintery rib-sticking traditional Christmas desserts ice cream can be quite a refreshing relief!

For years (and years and years) I have used a gobsmackingly easy method to make lush, rich, creamy dairy ice cream without having to do all sorts of irritating things.

~ No fiddly custard making involved.
~ No ice cream machine needed.
~ No mashing of ice cream necessary whilst freezing.


The Easiest Way to Make Mulled Wine

The easiest way is to make Mulled Wine Syrup. My recipe makes 75ml which, as luck would have it is sufficient to mull one bottle of wine and 2 tbsp of syrup is enough to mull 1 standard glass of wine.


8 Hot Toddies and Warming Winter Cocktails

I’m afraid this link mentions the above mulled wine recipe too but there are seven more lovely hot winter drinks to investigate.


15 Delicious Ideas for Marzipan Trimmings

Not specifically Christmassy but useful if you’ve iced your own cake and have leftovers


And finally ...


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