Windows 10 Update Completely Emptied my Computer!

I’ve just had an ‘orrible time with my computer.

A few morning as I was  on my computer, as usual, a pop-up popped up as they do, and told me that a windows update was taking place. I had no choice in the matter, although I would have accepted anyway.

Within a few minutes the update was complete and I was prompted to choose which language I wanted to use – I chose English UK. I was asked again I chose the same thing. This happened about 20 times and I could do nothing to get rid of the language screen so I said a rude word and switched off.

When I switched back on all I had was a blank black screen with just one icon – a completely empty recycle bin.  

black screen with empty recycle bin after updating Windows 10


Anyway, I am not very savvy at this sort of thing and can’t really remember what I did but after about 4 hours researching on my partner’s computer I managed to get mine working – but still completely empty! 

This site, Windows Central, helped me a lot but I’m not sure what I did in the end to at least get my computer basically operational.  

So, I have been repopulating it. Thank God I keep all my documents and photos in Dropbox!

It is a slow job especially because …

~   Although I still have Dropbox (praise the Lord) I seem to have it twice and need to sort that out as not all files are in both versions. A long job, methinks.

~   Lots of programs I have downloaded have changed considerably from the version I had installed so there is quite a lot of learning to do.

~   The computer also seems much slower, to the extent that I assume things haven't worked, and, when first turned on it sometimes takes several minutes to boot so I have a worrying time looking at the black screen with my fingers crossed. 

~   Programs are frequently "not responding" for some while.

~   I have to do a lot of password changing as I, apparently, hadn’t kept my notes up to date on that.

I understand several people taking class action lawsuits against Microsoft for this error and I don't blame them.

So, if your computer updates, be afraid – be very afraid! 

So, the only thing I have to report, food-wise is utterly gorgeous Davidstow Vintage Cheddar, Cornish by the way, which I was lucky enough to find considerably reduced. 

gorgeous crumbly Cornish cheddar cheese

Thankfully, that, with a glass of wine, calmed me down a bit.

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