How I Got Rid of Mouth Ulcers After 60 Years!

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This is a strange post, completely irrelevant and nothing to do with food other than some people might be able to enjoy eating more if this works for them like it works for me!

Ever since I was old enough to say “Ouch” I have suffered very severely from mouth ulcers.  Sometime my whole lower lip would be one big ulcer, often I could count 15 or more separate ulcers throughout my mouth.  Tiny ulcers under my tongue sometimes stopped me eating - tragic! This sort of thing is a Real Bugger for a chef!

I saw dentists, doctors and specialists to no avail.

One day, googling away trying to find out what to do about it, I discovered an ingredient (I cannot remember or find the name of it now) which is in most toothpaste but not in Sensodyne Gentle Whitening, which could could mouth ulcers.

toothpaste that cured ulcers

So, I tried it (an extensive trial, I’ve been using it a couple of years now) and after about 60 years of pain I am now virtually ulcer free.  

I just felt I should tell someone because it really helped me, and it might help others. Worth a try?

I’d just like to say this post has nothing to do with promoting anything, Sensodyne are not aware of my writing it and I am not involved in any affiliate marking.

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