The Secret Life of Scones

more to this recipe than you'd believe

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Not only can it be varied to create any sweet or savoury scone, American biscuit, griddle cake or rock bun you
can think of, not only is it the base recipe for many traditional and ancient dishes but it also makes lovely fluffy dumplings, crisp doughnuts, cobblers, turnovers, pie crusts and more.

The book starts out with detailed information on how
to make scones, which flours, fats and liquids to use, rubbing in and how to handle the dough, and other important tips including storage, freezing (this handy
key recipe can even be held ready in the fridge or
freezer in case of emergencies!), plus info on the similar American biscuit recipe and instructions on how a
proper Cornish cream tea should be constructed!

This is followed by sections on ...

Sweet Scones * Cheese Scones and other savoury ideas * Shortcakes Rock Cakes
Regional Variations Griddle/Girdle Cakes * Cobblers, Slumps and Similar * Short & Crumbly Dumplings & Doughnuts Leftovers! Incidental Recipes

Reviews of The Secret Life of Scones

Having just read this book, I am impressed.....I've been making scones for many years using natural yogurt, milk & lemon juice or just plain milk.....who knew you could use coffee, or even stock or pasta sauce for savoury scones! The sheer variety of things to make starting off with the basic scone dough is amazing.

This book is great for beginners as Suzy gives a list of pointers along with techniques and the basic recipe, but experienced cooks will love it too as it gets you out of the rut of plain old fruit and/or cheese scones.
A brilliant book with easy to follow instructions. I can't wait to try out the other recipes, I made some beautiful scones with the basic dough....The plate was empty within an hour. As they say the proof is in the eating!
I love this book, always so much to learn from anything that Suzy Bowler writes. Not only do you learn many interesting and unusual things to bake but it’s a joy to read. Whatever she writes is in her own wonderful style. Thank you Suzy, I will be baking many of your suggestions in this book and having loads of fun doing so!
I have never before come across the concept of having a basic recipe for scones which can be adapted in many ways for both savoury and sweet scones but it makes sense and also it works. There are other scone recipes too, for regional scones etc. What makes this book interesting is that there is information about using different types of liquid to mix, for example, coffee, and about what kind of result it makes. ... The author encourages the reader to experiment and make up their own recipes with all sorts of ingredients giving examples of what could be used. Added to a good writing style and a sense of humour it adds up to an interesting read and thought provoking read.

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