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This ebook is a companion volume to Luscious Ice Creams without a Machine giving 40 or more sorbet and granita recipes, ideas and suggestions that whilst also not needing a machine use a different key recipe.

Sorbet and granita recipes include Lemon Sorbet (as expected) and a whole range of fruit sorbets (including ways to cheat and really cheating – both good ideas) to more unusual sorbets such as Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt and Honey, Salted Caramel and Tomato and Chilli.

Also included are both cocktail sorbets and sorbet cocktails, serving suggestions and what to do with leftovers!

Reviews of sorbet recipe book
As someone who can no longer eat most ice creams I have found this book sooooooo useful.

Loved the recipes and the dialogue too. One of my favourites was the Tomato and Chilli granita, not only looked good but tasted so yummy.

Just like the companion book on ice cream this book is packed with simple, easy and wonderful sounding sorbets and granitas. I can's wait to try the one with Earl Grey Tea (my favorite drink). You just use a base recipe and go from there. Worth your time and money.

Thank you Suzy for the dairy free ideas. I can't wait to try out a lot of these. First up - Iced Bloody Mary.

Love the recipes and also bought the luscious ice creams without a machine both books good value for money.

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